A deeply therapeutic massage technique that uses, elbows, forearms and hands to work through the body like a ‘fine tooth comb’ releasing muscle adhesions and re balancing the structural tensions (postural habits). Bringing a profound relief from muscle tightness, tensions and stress.


Not just for sports people to prevent and recover from injuries: can be beneficial for those with remedial issues or chronic or ongoing musculoskeletal conditions. A combination of Trigger point therapy, muscle energy technique, positional release and other techniques are used to move you further towards health and recovery.


Myofascial release is an effective specialised technique which encourages the release of stuck, ridged connective tissue, fascia, which runs through every tissue in our body. It can help to restore alignment, motion, eliminate pain and reduce fascial restrictions that can affect posture. With the client being active in the session, exploration of body awareness can come to light.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE (2nd trimester onward)

A slow, soothing, restorative massage for the mother-to-be from the second trimester. In a side lying position, supported by pillows you can feel relief from common pregnancy ailments, feel supported emotionally and physically. A truly nurturing massage which can benefit both mother-to-be and the unborn child.

1-2-1 Yoga

One to one yoga can include yoga, meditation and relaxation depending on what your specific need is.  Together we go through a full consultation to identify your needs, whether it is to support your rehabilitation, help with pain management or preparing you to join a group or work on a specific issue like restricted movement or another health issue.  One to one yoga can be combined with a massage session, which can enhance the benefits of both.


First treament includes a full consultation/assessment (min 60 mins)

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